What’s in my Bag for Austria

We are headed to Europe for a family vacation and I’m being very mindful of what I’m packing! This year I’ve been working on being more present. I want to be off my phone more (an on going struggle) and paying more attention to what’s going on around me. I’ve been working on taking mindful moments during the day and just listening to the sounds around me, watching the light and just noticing life as it’s happening. We are so “busy” all the time. I find myself immediately reaching for my phone if I’m not doing something for one minute. So what does this have to do with what I’m bringing to Austria? I want to be present during our vacation and another way I prevent that from happening is always being behind my camera.

I struggle with feeling the need to document every moment. I feel like if I don’t take a picture of something I’m going to forget it happened. I recently read an article that says the opposite is actually true. This article says “Memory researchers know a few things about the impact of pictures on memory, and the lessons aren’t always encouraging.” It goes on to explain some pretty interesting things but the gist is that you remember less when you’re taking a picture UNLESS you are always looking back at the picture, and we don’t do this as often as necessary. If you’re anything like me you upload to instagram or facebook and send a text to your Moms or husband and then they sit on my phone or computer until I print a book at the end of the year. That’s not enough to retain the memory.

The solution to this problem would be to hire a photographer, best of both worlds, right?! I would love to have a photographer document a day in the life for us while we’re on vacation, or even when we’re not! However, we didn’t plan that into our trip, maybe next time, so I’m going to try to find a good balance between being in the moment and enjoying our vacation while also documenting some important things so we can look back on it later. I thought about only bringing my phone but I know I will regret that because Austria is supposed to be so beautiful. I do not want to lug around my big DSLR and my lenses (it’s like bringing a 3rd kid) so the solution here is my favorite little mirrorless Fuji camera. It’s only about the size of my iphone 7 but has a larger sensor so the pictures come out much better and I can shoot in manual so that I can control exposure, etc. It takes video too!

The bad news is that after 3 years of using that little camera everyday and just throwing it in my beach bag, backpack, etc. it’s no longer working. I honestly didn’t take great care of it because it was my everyday non-work camera and I just couldn’t worry too much about it, but I did get 3 great years out of it. So for this trip I am going to rent the newest model (Fuji x100f) until I save up to buy my own!! I’m renting from Borrowlenses.com It’s a great way to try a camera out before purchasing or if you need something special one time you can rent! The link above is a referral link so if you spend over $149 (I think) you get $30 off!

I rented the Fuji x100s (the one I currently own that’s now broken) when we went to Disney years ago and I loved having it on our trip so much that I went and bought one when I got home. You can see my a slideshow of my Disney pictures and videos here using that camera. It was the first time I had ever used a Fuji or a mirrorless so there was a bit of a learning curve but the pictures and videos are good enough for me and my family. The boys love watching this! You cannot change the lenses on this mirrorless, some you can but not this model, but I’m not one to change lenses anyways so I was perfectly fine. The lens on it is equivalent to the 35mm on my full frame DSLR (Nikon D750) and I love this lens length. It allows me to still stay close to my family while getting them in the pictures and it’s wide enough to give a lot of environment in my photos!

As for what else I’m bringing, photo related, I will bring an extra battery and it’s charger (the batteries on these cameras don’t last long) and extra memory cards. That’s about it! I can’t wait to share the pictures when I get back! Now I must focus on everything thing else I need to pack!

Hi I’m Carlee!

I'm a girlie girl turned boy Mom and I'm loving it! If I had one super power it would be to freeze time, so the closest thing I have to that is a picture or a video. One happy image or clip from my day can turn my bad mood around in seconds. I like to hang out on Instagram, that's where I share my daily life too, so come say hi!