What is a video montage film?


Video is an amazing keepsake for your family. It will allow you to bottle up your children’s little voices and mannerisms in a way that still photographs just can’t. It’s so different seeing your children and your family in motion. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good photograph, obviously, I am a photographer after all and photographs are timeless, but there’s just something about video that really gives me all the feels.

During your documentary family photo session I will take video when I see fit, but my focus will be on the still photos first. Kids tend to do things over and over again, so chances are I can grab a photo of something and if they do it again I can grab a video of it too. Since my focus will not be on the video I may not capture every little moment and detail from your session but you will have enough video to tell your family’s story. This is why I’m calling it a montage film. All the clips I get from your session, regardless if they go together or not, will be put together in one film. Since all the video clips are of your children and your family they WILL make sense together and they will capture this time in your life. Your kids are going to love watching themselves!

Your video montage film will be edited to music and uploaded to my vimeo page. Once I am finished with your video and your gallery, of still photographs, I will send you a link to view them. Your video montage film will be available for you to view for 48 hours from when I send you the email. In this time you can decide if you’d like to upgrade to the film. If you choose to upgrade, your film will be reactivated on my vimeo site so you can easily share it with your family and friends and you will also be able to download it and save it to your computer! Below are some examples of video montage films!

[vimeography id=”3″]



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