What is Family Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography "captures a moment of reality in order to convey a meaningful message about what is happening in the world" or in this case, your life. (visual-arts-cork.com)

It's not your traditional family portraits where you get dressed in your best outfits and are posing and smiling for the camera. This type of photography is when you let your family be who they are. It's super relaxed and fun and in the end you get beautiful images of your life right now. Read more about what it's like to have a family documentary session here.

10 family documentary photographers could all do a session for the same family but each gallery would look completely different. A photographer’s unique style is made up of which moments they choose to shoot, which angles they shoot from, how they expose their images and how they edit them in post processing. Every photographer has their own unique artistic eye, you have to choose the photographer that speaks to you.

My Style

happy, sweet or silly moments

Life with kids is chaotic, exhausting and sometimes (a lot of times) stressful. So at the end of the day I want to look at the moments that make it all worth it. The moments that I could literally live in forever!

wide shots

I like to show a lot of environment in my photos. It helps me tell the story better and someday our kids are going to want to see where they grew up, what their home looked like and what toys they played with and what 2016 was like.

light & shadows

I like vibrant images that really show contrast between the light and shadows. The light in your home is something that will bring you back to this time in your life. The way the light shines through the blinds in the afternoon or how it hits your baby’s curls while they snuggle on the couch.


My editing is simple and timeless. I try to stay true to what the location really looks like. I don't do any trendy "filters" or color alterations. I want you to look back at your pictures and feel like you're there again.