Plainville Baby Photographer – 3 month milestone

The second session in his first year baby plan! He has changed so much since his newborn session and he’s going to change even more over the next year. I can’t say it enough, I love these first year plans, I wish I did them with my own kids. We take SO MANY pictures now a days, since we have a decent camera on our phones, but it’s a challenge to do anything more with those photos. The first year with a baby is a whirlwind as is, wouldn’t it be nice to know at the end of it you’ll have a special album and video of their first year milestones? To remember those chubby cheeks and cute little piggy toes!? I’m so excited this little guy will have that and we captured the cutest video of his giggles <3

Hi I’m Carlee!

I'm a girlie girl turned boy Mom and I'm loving it! My boys drive me crazy and I'm always tired but I wish I could live in these moments forever. This Mom thing is so hard but it's also the best job I've ever had! One happy picture from my day can turn my bad mood around in seconds.