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Forever Books for My Boys

It only took me almost 8 years but I have finally figured out how I am going to pass all the pictures I take onto my boys when they inevitably grow up and leave me. Yes I’m crying just thinking about it!

For the last 8 years I created one book at the end of each year with all the pictures of our family. We LOVE these books, they are so awesome to look through. The issue is, who gets them? I think I’ll be the one to keep them because I’ll be the one sad and lonely when they leave and I picture myself looking at them daily lol, but then what do the boys get? And what about when I’m gone, then they fight over the books I have?

My grandfather recently died and I was at my grandmother’s house with my family going through boxes of photos. It was amazing. I grabbed all the photos I wanted and scanned them to make a slideshow for the services. We also took some and made collage boards to put around. It was the highlight of the memorial. He had been sick for a long time so it was so nice to look at all the pictures of him when he was happy and healthy with his family. I even saw black and white images of him as a child. What will this look like in decades from now? Will we all be around our computers and phones looking through digital images? . Or maybe looking through photo books where the pictures don’t come out. It sounds like a headache already. It just got me thinking. So I found a solution that works for me and I am so excited about it!

I started with 2018 and printed pictures for each of my boys. I will go over next week how I chose which pictures to print and my new minimalistic approach going forward. Doing an entire year was a bit overwhelming so I hope to pick away at it as things come up throughout 2019. I would also like to go back and add photos from when they were born until now. That’s one of the reasons I love these books, I can add whenever I want and in any order. And I will keep adding TO THE SAME BOOK for years to come until they’re ready to leave me, que the tears!

Ok so lets get to the details. What I found is a cross between a scrapbook and an old fashion photo album. It’s binder style so like I said before you can add pages in the front, back or middle and keep adding year after year to the SAME BOOK!! I’m keeping it simple and going with the same layout for every page (standard 6×4 photos) and little decorative cards and notes to slide in when I feel the need or have a space to fill. I’ll leave the details at the bottom of exactly what I got and where you can find them! The other thing I love is I have a pocket in the front where I put their birth announcement, holiday cards and birthday invitations from each year (that were too big to fit the 6×4 spots) and extra pictures I didn’t use but wasn’t ready to get rid of. ALSO, I love that I can slide in important little notes, tickets, etc. into the photo slots if I wish to add to the story. More about this next week!

I want to say one more thing quickly and I’ll elaborate more in my post next week. A few weeks ago I went through boxes and albums of my childhood pictures that my parents dropped off to me when they moved. It was incredibly overwhelming and not enjoyable like I had hoped. There were just too many and they were unorganized. Now I’m grateful for the pictures but it would have been so amazing to have a book like I’m creating now to sit and look through with all the important moments. The highlights and the things that made me me.

I found all the supplies you see at AC Moore but it can also all be found on Amazon. The Project Life thins were on clearance so I have a feeling they are no longer selling them in store.

Binder Books
Photo Sleeves
Decorative Cards
Pocket/Envelope Pages

Also, Project Life has an app where you can create scrapbook pages, one at a time, that they go inside a binder/scrapbook. If you don’t like the idea of individual photographs you should check it out!

Lastly, I used to print all the pictures. I printed an entire years worth of photographs for both boys for $50, so I’d say this is also a lot more cost effective than photo books.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have a lot more like it coming!

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