Norfolk Family Photographer – Spectrum Inspired

Norfolk Family Photographer | A few weeks ago I did a session for Spectrum Inspired an organization that has created a community for families raising children on the spectrum. I love donating my services to these families because I want to celebrate these amazing kiddos. I have always been a huge advocate for letting our kids just be who they are. I want to celebrate their unique qualities and personalities and Spectrum Inspired connects me with families who need this the most. Mom and Dad look at their little guy everyday with love in their eyes but it’s really something special to be able to see your kid and your family through another lens. To step back and look at the beauty in your family and in your life. I know there are many challenges to raising kids on the spectrum but this Mom said “If he can live it everyday, so can I” and I will never forget that. I hope on the hard days they look at this pictures and see how beautiful life is.

Alex is adorable and sweet. He walked around the entire time with veggie straws in his hand while exploring Stony Brook. His parents were so proud that he zipped up his sweatshirt, something I’m sure many parents with kids on the spectrum can relate to, and they enjoyed a family walk in the woods like they do on many Saturday mornings. They are a beautiful family and I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting them and giving them these pictures.




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