Gallery Wall on a Budget

I’ve been doing photography for the last 8 or 9 years now, oh my gosh has it been that long, but I’ve been bad about having photos on my walls. I am great about printing photo books but we don’t look at them as often as I’d like. I believe it’s important for kids to see themselves and their family in photos, and not just on our phones! I think it helps them SEE the fun they have, where they belong, etc. I know I feel happy just looking back at pictures I took from that same day, so I can only imagine how special children feel when looking at pictures of themselves from throughout their short lives so far. So I decided I’m going to try harder to display photos in our new home.

I decided a gallery wall is the perfect way for me to share my family’s story on the wall. I found these 12×12 frames on amazon because I refused to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a gallery wall. Those frames were even cheaper when I got them (just around $50) but it looks as though the price has increased, it’s still a good deal though compared to many other places and frames! Then I went through all my old hard drives to find pictures from the major milestones in our life as well as some fun everyday moments. I made sure to have a picture from our wedding, when each kid was a newborn and a recent one of us all together.

I wish I had a program to recommend to you guys for this next part but I don’t, although I feel like there has to be something out there other than what I used. Anyways, I used Adobe InDesign and made white boxes with a black stroke around it to resemble the frame and arranged it how I wanted them on the wall. Then I dragged in pictures so I could see how they’d all look together. I’m very visual and this was a necessary step for me. I eventually settled on the grouping below. It’s not perfect but it was never going to be so I needed to just pull the trigger. I’m excited to redo this for Christmas and whenever I get bored, which is one major reason I used frames where I can change the pictures when I want to, much less pressure!

The frames came with a template you put on the wall so that it takes the guess work out of spacing, etc. The only thing you need to ensure is that it’s strait, and I had Joe for that 😉 I storied on Instagram when Joe was hanging it up so you can see it step by step and in action. It’s saved in the highlights on my instagram profile.

I ordered all the prints (8×8) from (less than $3 a print) and it’s great quality! I’m really looking forward to changing up the pictures once and a while. Right now it’s the “story of our family” but I could easily print pictures from our most recent family photo session or our upcoming trip to Austria, the possibilities are endless so I’ll never get bored!

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