The Experience

Sessions are laid back and don't take much planning at all, other than choosing a date and time! I will be telling the story of your family, so all you have to do is be yourselves!

Your session can take place in your home or at a location you enjoy visiting with your family. We can capture a typical day or a family tradition. It's not so much about WHAT you're doing but about capturing your family being together and all the little things that make each family member who they are.

Before your session I will send you a form to fill out so I can get to know your family a bit before I arrive at your session. I will also send you information on how to prepare for your session and what to wear, all that good stuff. None of it is complicated or time consuming! It's all super easy, I promise! When I arrive at your home, or at the location of your choice, I will focus on the children first and make sure they feel comfortable with me. I will do this before even taking my camera out. Once I can see they're cool with me I will start getting my camera ready and answer any questions they may have about it. Then you just go about your day or activity like normal.

During the session I will chat with you as I take pictures, kind of like we're just friends hanging out. I'll learn more about your family as we chat so I can be sure I really capture who you all are. Sometimes I'll run ahead or walk out of the room, I may even lay on the floor or stand on your furniture (I'll ask first). I'll grab detail shots, things I see that may help me tell your family's story. So don't mind me if I step into another room to snap a picture of your coffee mug, I mean that is what gets your out of bed in the morning, right, or maybe I'll snap pictures of your kids toys on the floor or their artwork on the wall.

After your session my work is really just beginning. I immediately go home and upload your images to my computer and back them up. I will then choose some images that pop out at me to edit quickly and share as sneak peeks on facebook and isntagram throughout the next week, I know it's hard to wait! I choose all the best images for your gallery that will help tell your story and I'll discard all the images that I missed focus on or someone's eyes were closed in! I will then make minor adjustments to each image making sure they're all perfect. If we're doing a film session, I will then create your film and choose music that fits with your family. Once I'm finished I will blog your film and my favorite images from your session so you can share them with your family and friends! I will then email you a link to your online gallery so you can download your images to your computer. I usually send you this link within 2 weeks after your session. Easy peasy!