Day in the Life redo {Plainville Storytelling Photographer}

Over the summer I saw the workshop Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography by Colie James Photography pop up on facebook. Immediately I clicked and was so excited that a workshop I had always dreamed of was being offered. I will admit I had been in somewhat of a photographic rut and was desperately trying to find my style. I was transitioning from portrait photography to lifestyle photography but what I really wanted was to capture everyday moments for my clients, as I do for my own family, but I didn’t know how to make sure I captured my client’s family’s story in one session. I signed up immediately and it was the best 2 second decision I have ever made!!!

This workshop was also my first online workshop. I had attended an in person workshop but wasn’t sure if I would get the same thing out of a workshop online. I got more out of this workshop than I could ever have imagined. The practice, new information, extremely helpful feedback and new friends made this workshop a turning point in my career. Colie pours her heart and soul into this workshop! She teaches the difference between lifestyle and storytelling photography and how to capture a story in your images. I then shot a real storytelling session and received feedback on the session as well as learning to cull, edit and blog the session.

My clients and family and friends have noticed how much I’ve grown since this workshop. I am finally shooting what’s important to me for myself and my clients and all that I have learned is really shining through in my work.

One thing I hadn’t considered doing before this workshop was shooting a Day in the Life. It was a bonus assignment and I am so glad I did it! I thought I took enough pictures of my son because I always have my camera around but shooting a Day in the Life helps to show the big picture and tell the story of that particular time in our lives. Plus I was missing all the little moments in our day to day lives, moments I didn’t realize I wanted captured until I did a Day in the Life. There is a lot more that goes into shooting, editing and blogging a Day in the Life than you may think!

My first try didn’t go so well so look below to see what our lives were like back in August. I have re edited and blogged the same Day in the Life using all that I learned in the workshop. I can’t believe how much has changed since then! In just 3 short months not only has my photography changed but my son was still in his crib, he needed me to sit and play with him at all time, and the weather was warm! We played outside and ate lunch on the deck! Seeing all these major changes really shows me how important it is to capture your every day lives because they change so quickly!

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Dear Owen,

Every morning you woke up asking for my phone. I have an app with a puppy that repeats everything you say and you LOVE it.


You needed me to play with you, at all times.


You fought me to get dressed and hid behind the chair!


You loved to weed the yard, over and over, with your little red wagon. And anytime you saw Daddy’s truck drive by you would book it out back to go visit.


We read My Truck is Stuck and Driving my Tractor before your nap. You wouldn’t sleep unless the light was on but you’d go right to bed!


You had your ugly moments but we really haven’t seen the terrible 2s yet. And we got to eat lunch outside everyday!


Ever Tuesday we would go to dinner next door at your Nana and Grampa’s house!


You’d have a bath every night because you’d be dirty from playing in the yard. Weeding is hard work!



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