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Don’t fake your documentary photo session

For the last 5 years we’ve been doing documentary family photo sessions and I’ve learned a lot about what I can do to make sure I am happy with the results of our session. It doesn’t matter how amazing your photographer is if you’re not representing your family in an honest way you’ll look at…

Minimalistic Approach to Photographs

Ok I may not be 100% minimalistic YET but I am moving in that direction after a few recent events. Now a days we have a camera at our fingertips and it’s both a blessing and a curse. We can now take a picture of literally every moment of our lives, but do we need…

Photos for Tomorrow

Forever Books for My Boys It only took me almost 8 years but I have finally figured out how I am going to pass all the pictures I take onto my boys when they inevitably grow up and leave me. Yes I’m crying just thinking about it! For the last 8 years I created one…

Hi I’m Carlee!

I'm a girlie girl turned boy Mom and I'm loving it! If I had one super power it would be to freeze time, so the closest thing I have to that is a picture or a video. One happy image or clip from my day can turn my bad mood around in seconds. I like to hang out on Instagram, that's where I share my daily life too, so come say hi!

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