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Austria Part 1 – Moar Gut

Here’s the story. I was asking for baby #3 and Joe kept saying he loves the ages our boys are at and how we can finally start doing things like bigger trips with them and I agreed. So I told him it was either baby or we book a trip. I think you know which…

Back to School

Owen is entering full day kindergarten and Bentley is starting preschool for the first time. I am totally not ok with this but I can’t let them know that. On one hand I’m so proud of them and on the other hand I just want to keep them little and home with me. I’m excited…

Bye Bye First Home – DITL

We have just 2 weeks until we move into our new home. It’s really bittersweet but we are all excited. My husband and I bought this little cape right after we graduated college. It was a major fixer upper and that’s just what we did. We gutted the entire thing and made it our own….

It’s my turn

I know it seems silly that I need MORE pictures of my family since I literally document our every move but when we’re looking through our pictures I often get the question “where are you Mom?” Obviously I’m the one behind the camera and someday they will understand that and hopefully appreciate all the pictures I’ve…

Day in the Life – February 2017

I love my day in the life project. Every time I do one I end up with pictures of things I never think to pick my camera up for normally. Since we are in the process of building a house I was extra conscious of finding things that make the home we’re in now unique….

Hi I’m Carlee!

I'm a girlie girl turned boy Mom and I'm loving it! If I had one super power it would be to freeze time, so the closest thing I have to that is a picture or a video. One happy image or clip from my day can turn my bad mood around in seconds. I like to hang out on Instagram, that's where I share my daily life too, so come say hi!

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