Hey I'm Carlee! I truley believe life lead me to documentary photography so I can see the beauty in my everyday life, even when things are not perfect. Did you know that writing down what you're grateful for each day can actually make you happier? I am terrible with writing, but I find myself doing this with photography. I pick up my camera when I see a special moment, amongst the choas, that I would like to freeze in time. Looking at these images now makes me so much happier! It helps me remember the good and forget about the silly little things that made me angry throughout the day. So when you see my family's images on social media know that those are my favorite moments, the ones I want to remember, but my life is not roses and rainbows all day long!


Since I hope you will let me into your home to capture your family's story it's only fair that I share my family with you. My husband and I met in junior high but we didn't start dating until we were both in college in Boston. We're now back in the same small town where we origionally met raising 2 crazy boys, ages 5 and 2. Our life feels like complete chaos, somedays we barely even get a word into eachother and we fall asleep trying to watch our favorite shows with dirty dishes still in the sink. We love to do day trips and go on little adventures with the boys, even if it takes half the day to pack up and go and by the end we're saying " n e v e r  a g a i n ! " We try our hardest to laugh through it all and if we can't laugh in the moment we'll laugh about it later <3

(Family Photo Credit: BAF Photography)

Get to know my family even more by watching some of my family’s films below!

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