Austria Part 2

Here we go! Part 2 of our trip. We left Moar Gut and to tell you the truth it was a rough transition. The first day we were really bummed to be gone and couldn’t settle in to our new home away from home which was Innsbruck. However, the next day we fell IN LOVE with that city. It came alive in the morning, the sun was shining, the colors of the city were vibrant and the Mountains in the backdrop were unreal!

In Innsbruck everyone is either walking or biking. The architecture is so colorful and all the restaurants have outdoor seating. It’s exactly what I thought a European city would feel like.

While in Innsbruck we visited a salt mine and hiked through the Alps. Both were awesome experiences and the kids loved them both! We managed to get Bentley to hike himself the entire time by handing him a lollipop anytime he wanted to be picked up! Whatever works, right!?

Our next stop was Salzburg. Honestly Salzburg was a let down for us. It’s a much bigger city and just didn’t have the same feel. None of us are city people so we went and saw the Mirabell Gardens (famous from the Sound of Music) and walked through some of the city but we were craving nature again. It’s just hard to be in such a naturally beautiful place and be in the city.

The next day, our last day, we decided to escape the rush of the city and go explore the lakes region of Austria. Oh my goodness we are so glad we did! It’s absolutely stunning and we got to enjoy their slow pace of life again.

That night we found this restaurant that was set up on a hill in the Mountains and it was the most amazing place ever! It reminded us of being back at Moar Gut, minus any English speaking people…

The views were unreal and they had so much for the kids to do so Joe and I got to sit and have some adult beverages and a whole lot of cheese (mostly because we didn’t know what we were ordering since everything was in German) and we reflected on this awesome trip. The boys played on the seesaw, swings, trampoline, play house, ride on cars and even got to see some pigs and bunnies again. It was literally the most perfect way to end our trip!

I really feel the boys got so much out of this trip. Not only did they see a different landscape and a different way of life but they learned words from a different language, tried new foods and found their imaginations again. They were able to play where ever we went. They didn’t need toys or TV, they made up games and got out in nature (or the airpor ;-)) and just played! It was so refreshing and seriously just he best experience. We cannot wait to travel again with them!

If you missed Part 1 click here and below is the video from our entire trip!

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