Austria Part 1 – Moar Gut

Here’s the story. I was asking for baby #3 and Joe kept saying he loves the ages our boys are at and how we can finally start doing things like bigger trips with them and I agreed. So I told him it was either baby or we book a trip. I think you know which he chose…

None of us had ever been to Europe and we thought long and hard about where to go first. When we told people we chose Austria we either got some strange looks from people, like “why?” or people who had been there were ecstatic for us. I think Austria is underrated! It’s beautiful, family friendly and there’s so much to do and see! I am thankful for Lynsy from Lynsy and Co. Blog for sharing her Austria trip on Instragram this past summer because she inspired us. She took her 3 kids, all much younger than mine, and her trip looked amazing and Joe and I were immediately sold!

I was so nervous about the traveling and the time difference. We flew British Air out of Logan which was amazing! We left at 7:30pm and had a 6 hour flight to London. The plane had TVs at each seat (like Jet Blue) with shows, movies and even video games! The remote came out and flipped around to be a controller. The boys did that for a while until Dinner came and then they slept for the next 3 or 4 hours. When we arrived in London it was early morning (their time) maybe around 6:00am and we had a 2 hour layover so we got breakfast and headed to our gate. They stayed awake during the next 2 hour flight to Munich, Germany. Once we got to Germany we were all pretty tired but still moving. We got through customs, got our luggage and went and picked up our rental car. Once the kids were in the car they immediately fell asleep. We had about a 2.5 hour ride to the resort and because of the time difference we arrive at our resort late afternoon. We explored a bit, had dinner and went to bed! Everyone slept until about 9:00am and woke up excited to see more! I was so thrilled at how smooth our travel day went!

Our first stop in Austria was in a little town called Grossarl which was right smack in a valley of the Austrian Alps. We stayed at an all inclusive family wellness resort. This place was amazing and by far our favorite part of the trip. It’s on a farm and there is so much to do for kids. What we loved about it is that you still get the Austrian feel and culture but with lot of things for kids to do. It was also super luxurious and personable. They greet you with cake pops (or chocolate covered strawberries depending on the day) and wine and bring you around to show you the property. In our room we had a hand written welcome letter along with stuffed animals for the boys. They use only natural cleaning supplies (which you know I love) and they steam clean your floors everyday, which is necessary when you’ve been on a farm! There’s lots more about this place that I’ll share as I show you the pictures. Let’s get started!

Oh and did I mention the day we got there it was Bentley’s 5th birthday!?!? We had told the resort ahead of time and when we got to dinner they had balloons all around with a cake and a special water bottle for him. He was thrilled, although I think he was more excited about the ice cream bar after dinner.

The bathroom had blue lights and music that you could turn on to relax in the tub.
The boys thought it was the coolest thing, so I had to include a picture.

The weather wasn’t the best. I was bummed because the days before and after we left were sunny and 60s and of course when we were there it was dreary and 40s, maybe 50. I just kept wishing for the clouds to break once before we leave so I could see as far into the Mountains as I could, and it happened for me on our last day! I will say that even though we didn’t have the best weather we totally made the best of it. I don’t feel we missed out on anything, we just needed jackets. Thankfully the rain held off until the sun went down each day.

The POOL though! It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside their pool is a dream. It’s warm and luxurious with views of the Mountains. They also had robes and slippers for everyone in our room and the boys were so adorable in their mini robes that kept them warm walking from our room.

The boys favorite part was definitely visiting all the animals. I am not an animal person (I hate telling people that because I feel like I sound like a heartless person lol) but I really loved these animals. There is just something about being with animals in the Mountains, it just feels right.

Crazy enough I think my favorite part was the food and dining situation. No cooking or thinking of what to eat! I didn’t even have to think about WHERE to eat. They set a table for you that is ready for you for your entire stay there and the food is just to die for. Oh and the views from your table are amazing as well. But my very favorite part was dinner. So each night we went down at 6:00 and got the boys dinner and we’d get some appetizers and/or salad and all eat together. Then the boys would get their ice cream and gummie bears at the ice cream bar and wait for Gusti (their chicken mascot) to come up and gather all the kids and take them down into the play space to dance and play. THEN Joe and I would sit and have a 5 course gourmet meal together while the kids played! I also happened to be able to see into the play space from our table (just the way the windows were) and I could make sure they looked happy which eased my anxiety and allowed me to enjoy dinner. The boys loved it, we loved it, I don’t know why more places don’t do this!!!

Ok lets see, there are so many things to do. We covered the animals and there are ride on toys the kids can play on in a safe space gated from cars while the parents can sit and relax and drink coffee/tea. There are 2 or 3 playgrounds and a trampoline (the boys favorite). Oh and you can rent bikes for free so we did that one day too and rode through the valley! They also have a spa and a kids program so that you can drop your kids there all day if you want to! There’s skiing and hiking as well! Just endless amounts of things to enjoy!

Ok, lastly we were close to a few places so that we could do day trips. We weren’t able to do all that we wanted to because of the weather but we did make it to a real castle and that was pretty cool!

After our stay here we headed to the city and visited Innsbruck and Salzburg so I’ll share that in Part 2 next week! let’s just say it was a rough transition. No one wanted to leave Moar Gut. We’ve been home for a week and my boys still wake up saying they wish they could go see the animals. It was a dream vacation and I honestly don’t think we’ll ever experience anything like it again.

And here is a film from our entire trip!

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