A Mother’s Day Tea for me, by me

The last few years I’ve been so disappointed on my birthday and Mother’s Day and it’s a very terrible feeling to have. I never thought I’d be one of those Moms who spends her day unhappy, I have a wonderful husband who loves me so much and two amazing kiddos who I am so thankful for, how could I be unhappy, but I was… I think because I do so much for everyone every other day of the year I just wanted to feel special on those two days, TWO out of 365 days, ok maybe Valentine’s Day too! I always plan a fun party for my husband on his birthday (with our little family), I get balloons and have the boys pick out gifts and make a cake, etc. and when my day comes my husband “tries” (with minimal effort but not no effort so that counts, right?) but he never really figures me out and I end up disappointed.

I had been hearing more and more about Moms who buy their own gifts, plan their day and/or voice what they want but I had never done that, I just wanted my husband to KNOW, I mean after 13 years together he should know, right? WRONG! I had never actually told him, heck I wasn’t even really sure what I wanted except to be recognized!

So around my birthday I started making notes of how I wanted my birthday to look. I was going to have donuts for breakfast, go to a yoga class and the boys were going to make ME dinner for a change while I did whatever the heck I wanted! Then we ALL got the flu, every one of us had the flu on my birthday… So that didn’t really work out but there’s always next year…

Then Mother’s Day started approaching and I got to thinking. I started googling “special Mother’s Day traditions” and I came across an article written by a Mom who planned a day around being grateful to be her kids Momma. She planned her own day and even wrote cards for her kids expressing how grateful she is to be their Mom. I loved this and it totally changed my way of thinking about Mother’s Day. All I have ever wanted in life is to be a Mom!!! Some days I worry myself crazy thinking about how fast this time has gone by already, so I started planning the day myself, to celebrate my motherhood!

Somehow I came up with a tea party. It just felt right as the only woman in the house that I would get something girly for a change, even if the tea party conversation was about farts… (see film below). I love tea and I love baked goods so quickly I couldn’t image Mother’s Day any other way. I started shopping for table linens and tea cups and had THE BEST time doing it. Owen came with me to pick out stuff and he had so much fun and so did I (the mini spoons were compliments of him)!

Throughout the week leading up to Mother’s Day the boys were getting so excited seeing the dining room decorated. Owen made me THREE Mother’s Day cards because he was so excited, and they both would ask multiple times a day how many does left until the tea party. Owen told my husband what he wanted to get me and they ordered it together (A gift certificate to Holy Donut, how perfect) and Joe took Bentley out shopping for me. Bentley wanted to get me a bra but Joe talked him into something else so I got Star Wars socks, haha! I ordered cinnamon buns, chocolate croissants and donuts to arrive with my weekly grocery order and bought myself (with my husband’s money of course) new pajamas to wear to the tea party. It all went off without a hitch! Well Owen did have strep throat but I mean if we’re celebrating motherhood its’ definitely not going to be perfect! Oh and the boys did fight over who was sitting where and who got what tea cup but once that was settled it went off without a hitch 😉

There was not one moment that I was upset I planned it myself. I love that the kids picked out sometime for me and apparently that’s all I’ve ever wanted anyways. I felt SPECIAL guys, I really did! It felt like that morning was for me! It was different than every other Sunday morning and when it was over everyone went off and did whatever they wanted and I was satisfied, I was happy! The next morning I had a note from my husband saying Happy Mother’s Day and that he hopes I enjoyed my tea party and thanking me for teaching my boys to be kind and caring since he teaches them how to be jackasses (his words lol).

I’m excited to continue our tea party tradition, maybe we’ll do it on my birthday too 😉

Hi I’m Carlee!

I'm a girlie girl turned boy Mom and I'm loving it! If I had one super power it would be to freeze time, so the closest thing I have to that is a picture or a video. One happy image or clip from my day can turn my bad mood around in seconds. I like to hang out on Instagram, that's where I share my daily life too, so come say hi!